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Which Type of Standing Desk Chair is Best?

Today we will be looking at what kind of standing desk chair is best. If you have seen my previous videos, you’d know that standing desks are a great way to improve posture and avoid the dangers of sitting in a chair all day. However, standing all day isn’t good for you either.

A combination of the two is ideal for working at a desk. So how do we do that?

Enter the standing desk chair. We’ve found three general styles that are available: the drafting chair, the wobble chair, and a typical standing desk chair.

First, the drafting chair. This is the best for someone who will be sitting the majority of the time. It’s really just a very high ergonomic office chair that can adjust. 

It’s important that we find one that has an adjustable footrest. This allows for people of various heights to use the chair. 

Good casters are a must as we will be sliding it in and out of our desk as we switch from sitting to standing. A heavy base will provide much-needed support as the chair gets higher. Otherwise, we can look for the same things we would look for in a standard office chair: lumbar support, backrest adjustability, a waterfall front, tilt adjustability, etc.

At the end of the day, a drafting chair is really just what you would expect, a higher ergonomic chair. The main drawback is getting into and out of the chair. It’s not a mountain, but for some, climbing into the chair may be more effort than expected. 

A good, solid drafting chair works well with those who sit at their desks more than stand. They have all the benefits of an ergonomic chair, and switching to standing doesn’t require adjusting the desk height. It’s a familiar feeling and easiest to adjust to.

The wobble stool is interesting, to say the least. This allows for tilting, swivel, leaning and rocking while sitting. This proves to be useful when reaching for items across a large workspace.

Mainly, this type of chair or stool is meant to allow for active sitting. This will allow you to move your lower body so that our body isn’t locked into a fixed chair position. It’s great for people who fidget, as it reacts to where your body wants to move.

While active sitting is great, the seat itself isn’t as comfortable as an ergonomic or drafting chair.  A wobble stool simply misses some of the ergonomics that a chair has, like a backrest and shaped seat.

A wobble stool is great for those who mostly sit as well. Even some exercises could be done while sitting. Many wobble stools adjust for standing desks. They allow for leaning on the stool at an angle and provides for a short break from standing.

For those who want to sit less and reap the benefits of standing desks, but want a break from long periods of standing, a typical standing desk chair can be just what we need.

A typical standing desk chair usually consists of an adjustable post with a seat on top. Many of these chairs are made specifically for standing desks. They can be sat on and act as a chair, or they can be raised to be leaned on while standing. 

A typical standing desk chair seat will allow for 360 rotation of the seat to allow for active sitting. This means that you can adjust your seating position by shifting your body. They usually have a lower range of mobility than a wobble chair but are large enough to serve the purposes of an office chair.

Leaning is a good compromise to standing or sitting. It reduces the weight on our spines and distributes it to whatever we are leaning on. 

This type of standing desk chair is great for those who stand more than sit. It provides a break from standing while making it easier to maintain proper posture.

So which is best?

We like a drafting chair for most people who are new to standing desks, or who tend to sit more than stand. They provide all the benefits of an ergonomic chair while making it easy to transition from sitting to standing when working at a standing desk.

For those who stand more than sit, we like the typical standing desk. The wobble seat hasn’t sold us, and the ergonomic shape and backrest provide more back pain support than a wobble chair. Creators of the standing desk have made these chairs specifically for use with standing desks. They realize that standing all the time can be just as bad or worse than sitting all day. These chairs make having a balance much easier without disturbing workflow or sacrificing comfortability.

A standing desk chair with a standing desk mat is a great combination. Some standing desk chair, like the Leanrite chair, provides both. We like this chair the most not only for the attached mat, but the added stability that comes with a larger base. It has padding specifically for leaning and sitting. We think this has it all and is our favorite.

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