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The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Back Pain

Today, we’re going to be checking out the best ergonomic office chairs. If you’re looking for back support while sitting, finding the right office chair is key.

If you’ve seen our previous articles, you’ll know that sitting is a leading cause of back pain. While there are alternative measures you can take to help prevent it, such as using a standing desk chair, drafting chair, or kneeling chair, many prefer the traditional office chair. 

Common features that we examine are adjustable headrests, lumbar support, seat height and tilt, and armrests. Being able to adjust these features will ensure that you can sit with the proper sitting posture and prevent back pain from occurring.

Cedric Office Chair

We’ll First look at the Cedric Office Chair. It’s easy to assemble with good instructions. It’s strong aluminum base supports up to 350 lbs. 

The 20″ x 20” seat is made of breathable mesh, so you don’t get too hot. It is adjustable up and down. The height from the top of the chair to the floor ranges from 18.5-20.5” The seat rotates, but there is no depth adjustment, and the seat itself doesn’t tilt, only the backrest.

The mesh backrest has many options for adjustability. The tilt can be adjusted from 90 and 125 degrees and can be locked into place. It has a lumbar pillow that can be moved 1.58” up or down, and back and forth. This allows you to put the lumbar pillow exactly where you want, with as much depth as you like. 

The back of the chair 20.5” but the headrest adds an additional 7″-9.5”. It can be moved up and down 2.5” and tilt forward and back to support your head and neck. The headrest can be removed with screws if necessary.

Finally, the armrests are 18.5” apart from each other and are adjustable up and down. They lock into 7 different positions and height ranges from 8″-11” from the top of the seat, From the floor at the lowest position, the armrests are 26.3” from the floor, and at the highest position are 32.6”.

This is a solid chair that checks most of our boxes for a good office chair for back pain. For the average user with minimal back pain, this would be a great addition and with proper sitting position should help prevent back pain.

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Up next is the Modway Ergonomic Office Chair. It’s another solid chair supporting up to 331 lbs. It has a breathable mesh back that is curved to support your spine. 

It lacks a headrest, but the backrest is 22” in height and stands 37”-41.5” from the floor. It tilts back and can be locked into place. 

The tilt of the seat can be adjusted as well. It only tilts backward but combined with the backrest tilt, it allows the user to find a comfortable position no matter the body type. The seat 18.5” wide and 17.5” deep (depth isn’t adjustable). From the floor to the cushion, it is 19.5”-24”. It rotates 360 degrees and has a 6” thick mesh seat cushion.

The contoured armrests are adjustable in height only and range from 8”-10.5” from the seat, 27.5-32” from the floor.

We wish it had a headrest for neck and head support, but for those who don’t want one, this chair is a good choice. We like the seat tilt a lot, but the Modway doesn’t allow for forward seat tilt. 

Tilting our seat forward allows our body’s weight to be distributed to our legs. It pushes our pelvis forward and encourages proper sitting position. This is one reason why we like kneeling chairs.

MOOJIRS Ergonomic Office Chair

The MOOJIRS Ergonomic Office Chair has a higher weight capacity than the other chairs, at 450 lbs. It’s all mesh for breathability and has an aluminum alloy frame for durability.

The backrest is separated into 3 different areas for targeted support. The upper back sections and lumbar region are supported independently. It automatically (with tension) adjusts to your back and can be locked into position with a press of a button.  It’s height is 22” and the tilt locks into 4 positions: 90, 100, 110, 125 degrees. It can be moved up and down for taller users. The backrest tilts with tension and the seat reclines with it. The two move together.

The seat is 19.5” x 19.5”  but the depth of the seat can be adjusted by sliding the seat in and out, up to a depth of 22.75”. It can be adjusted up and down by 4”, making the height of the seat to floor 18.5”-22.5. 

The headrest is height and angle adjustable. The armrests have 10 adjustable nodes that lock into place for height. They can be slid in and out for depth, angled for comfort, and widened for more body space.

The MOOJIRS ergonomic office chair is great for adjustability. It can handle more weight, has a longer seat depth, and the backrest and headrest allow for larger bodies to sit correctly. 

The Duorest Alpha with Twin Backrests

The unique look of the Duorest Alpha let’s you know that this is something special. The dual backrests move in all axis’ x, y, and z. This reduces pressure on the lower vertebrae and conform to the user’s back, encouraging good posture. They also adjust in height based on your preference. The backrest tilt can be locked into position and adjusts separate from the seat, allowing for more positions.

The contoured seat is 19″ x 19” and slides out to add an extra 1.65” of depth. The height is adjustable from 16.8-21.3”. The headrest also adjusts to different heights and angles. It helps maintain your posture and remain eye level with your monitor.

The 3D armrests are adjustable in height, depth, angle, and degree so that your arms are supported exactly where they are most comfortable. 

The Duorest Alpha was designed and invented by a Physics professor specifically for relieving pressure in the back. It is another highly adjustable chair with a unique look and plenty of features to prevent back pain and encourage good posture.

Sadie High-Back Leather Office Chair

The Sadie High-Back Leather Office Chair has the look of a more traditional executive chair. Most of the products we have mentioned have breathable mesh backrests and seats. This offers an alternative: plush bonded leather material. If heat is an issue, we prefer mesh, if not, we like the comfortable feel of bonded leather.

It has no separate headrest, but the backrest is a tall 24” and padded at the top for some neck and head support. The backrest is height adjustable for different lumbar support positions, and tilts independent of the seat

The top of the seat moves from 16.5″ – 20” in height. The seat is 21.25” wide, and seat depth is 17.25”. While the depth isn’t adjustable, the seat can be tilted back and forward, to distribute weight to your legs, and push the pelvis forward for better spinal alignment. 

The armrests move up and down to relieve strain on your arms when typing or resting. We wish it had more adjustability here, it’s a trade off. If you need more than vertical movement, you may want a different model.

The weight capacity is up to 250 lbs, lower than the other models we’ve talked about. However if you meet the weight limit, and don’t have heat issues while sitting, we think this is a great chair for back pain due to the forward tilt, high back, and overall adjustability of this chair.

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