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Anti-Fatigue Mat Benefits And Types

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This page contains ads and affiliate links. Product quality is determined by my own opinion, user reviews, comparison analysis, and sometimes product demos. This website does not provide medical advice. Talk with your doctor before trying any treatment or method.

In today’s video we’re going to be checking out Anti-Fatigue Mats. Standing on hard surfaces all day can be a cause of back pain. Anti-fatigue mats can be a preventative measure against back pain, and may be what we need to get some pain relief.

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Are anti-Fatigue Mats good for you?

Standing, like sitting, for long periods of time will wear on your feet, legs and back. Gravity puts pressure on our bodies and this creates discomfort and fatigue. The floor’s hard surface can cause our leg muscles to constrict, reducing blood flow, which in turn, causes pain in the legs. Stress and pain can go to the lower back leading to bad posture, compounding the problem.

Chiropractors recommend  (Lynx Healthcare) adding anti-fatigue mats, or ergonomic mats, to their workplace as a preventative measure.
“The human back houses the valuable spinal cord which keeps bodies in motion. Because it has to house this fragile system, the back is a complex structure of bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles. All of these parts are subject to injury and irritation especially after prolonged wear. Prolonged wear is not necessarily active movement— it even includes long periods of inactivity. All work activity, no matter if it is sitting behind a computer desk, operating a machine or vehicle, or simply manual labor, can have harmful effects. In areas where employees are required to stand or walk for extended periods of time, an example being most food service jobs, more strain is placed on the back to support and keep the body upright. In these cases, it is valuable to have some sort of floor cushioning that can reduce physical strain.”

Anti-Fatigue mats have shown to reduce back pain and joint stiffness by relieving pressure on the spine from standing on hard surfaces. Additionally, they improve posture by allowing blood to flow properly, preventing tightening in muscles. By reducing the pain in these areas, it allows us to use that energy to be more productive and less tired.

Anti-Fatigue Mats have also been shown to increase worker productivity. Happy workers are more productive. It really is that simple. Relieving yourself of common pains, headaches, and joint problems will make your day more efficient. Not to mention you may avoid a “slip-and-fall” accident or other injuries in the workplace.

Do You Need an Anti-Fatigue Mat?

A regular floor mat can be a great way to protect surfaces, like a runner to protect carpet from shoes. They may be all you need to avoid slipping or protect from cold. Anti-fatigue mats go a step further in comfort and provide additional benefits mentioned earlier. 

The tend to be more durable, able to handle a long workday of use. Their comfort relieves stress on muscles and bones, where a regular mat will lack this quality. There are many different types of anti-fatigue mats, so you’ll want to be sure to get the right one for your needs.

What to look for

Materials: You’ll want to consider what may fall on these mats during use. Labs will want chemical resistance. Kitchen users may want drainage. Standing desks users may opt for softer vinyl. 

Sanitary and Safety for Kitchen, bathroom areas. –  There are anti-microbial, textured surfaces for easy cleaning (spray and wipe down). When the top layer of the mat is cracked or peeled, it is time for a new mat.

Too Thick?  It may seem that the best thing to do is to get the thickest, softest, mat, but for some it may be too soft. If it’s too soft,  it may shift your weight to one side and lead to misalignment of the spine. Mats that are ⅜-1 in. thick are best, so long as they do not create a tripping hazard. However, beveled edges reduce the likelihood of tripping.

Size: When considering size, you’ll want to plan for the entire area that you will be working in. for kitchens, many will need a rectangular mat or runner. For industrial users, larger mats with be required. For standing desks, you’ll want to consider tripping hazards and space when you switch from standing to sitting, and the size of your desk. Square sized mats work well with standing desks.

Types of Anti-Fatigue Mats

There are different types of Anti-Fatigue mats: Ergonomic, Industrial, and General Use types. Each has specific qualities that will be a benefit for their intended purpose, but may be a hazard or negative if the wrong mat is chosen for the workplace.

General Use Anti- Fatigue Mats

General Use Mats are exactly what they sound like. Used in home kitchens, garages, home offices, and anywhere to soften a hard floor, these mats are the most basic mats you can get, but they will do the job. 

In the kitchen we’ll want to see a thickness from ⅜-1” and beveled edges to avoid tripping. Many are textured to avoid slipping, should the surface get wet. In front of the sink is a great place to relieve your feet while doing dishes. Rectangular shaped mats fit great in the kitchen or bathroom. 

In the home office, they are great but lack the ergonomic design that we like when we are working for long periods of time. 

If we’re in the garage, we may want to see a chemical resistant mat in case oil or grease falls on it. Durability will be a bigger factor as they are more likely to see more pressure and dirt. Depending on how tough we need it, we may want to consider an industrial mat.

Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mats

Ergonomic anti-fatigue mats are specifically designed for more stationary positions, such as in combination with standing desks in the office or reception. They are ergonomically designed to allow for active movement and feature groves for different positions. Some even include massage balls for use during the workday.

Ergonomic surfaces provide stress relief that general use mats don’t. However, they tend to be smaller and meant to be confined to a workspace. This is the trade-off for ergonomic design. Ergonomic anti-fatigue mats have most of the benefits a general use mat would, but with ergonomic design tailored to an office environment.

Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats

Industrial mats are designed for laboratories, factories, large kitchens, and garages. They are more focused on safety and durability, but still, provide beneficial comfort on hard surfaces. With a higher focus on utility, these have chemical resistant, anti-slip surfaces, and strong durability. In kitchens, they provide great drainage and have superior anti-slip surfaces. Industrial mats tend to be larger, as the workspaces tend to be bigger.


To wrap up, we know that standing on hard surfaces can hurt our joints and posture, which can lead to worse conditions, like back pain. For some, this is the reason why they have pain in the first place. By simply putting a soft mat underneath us, we can prevent some of the stress that our bodies take every day. 

However, we must apply the right mat for the right situation. General use mats are great almost anywhere, but we can do better. Ergonomic mats are great for the office, and specifically standing desks. Industrial mats are more for utility than comfort, as they focus on durability and safety, more than softness. 

We’ve included our favorite Anti-Fatigue Mats in the description. Click on the links below for more details.

We hope this helps clear up any confusion and answered any questions you may have had about Anti-Fatigue Mats. If you would like more information or found this helpful, please like this video and subscribe to us on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Thanks for watching.

That’s all for now from Alternative Back Pain Remedies. We’ll see you in the next video!

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This page contains ads and affiliate links. Product quality is determined by my own opinion, user reviews, comparison analysis, and sometimes product demos. This website does not provide medical advice. Talk with your doctor before trying any treatment or method.

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