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Best Home Gym Equipment For Back Pain | Roman Chair, Elliptical, Treadmill, Exercise Bikes (Recumbent & Upright)

This page contains ads and affiliate links. Product quality is determined by my own opinion, user reviews, comparison analysis, and sometimes product demos. This website does not provide medical advice. Talk with your doctor before trying any treatment or method.

In today’s video, we’re going to be checking out some of the best gym equipment to address back pain. These are low-intensity workouts meant to strengthen our back, core, and other supporting muscles without straining our back. 

We’ll look at the Roman Chair, the elliptical, the treadmill, and exercise bikes. We will go over each of these and why they are good for back pain, and to help you see which is best for your situation. The effectiveness of each of these machines will vary, based on what is causing your back pain. As always, talk to your doctor before implementing a new workout routine.

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Roman Chair/Back Hyper Extension Bench

First is the Roman Chair, also known as the hyperextension bench. Often overlooked, the roman chair is a great exercise to get rid of back pain. 

It’s designed to target the core, glutes, and lumbar erectors. By developing these muscles, we can reduce or eliminate our back pain.

We see many people use this machine improperly in the gym, so let’s go over the proper use of the Roman Chair.

  1. Adjust the thigh pad to the proper height, about 3” below the belt buckle. Some roman chairs allow us to adjust the angle, the more vertical, the easier it is to do the exercise.
  2. Cross your arms across your chest and keep your spine straight.
  3. Lower your chest to the floor
  4. When you are 90 degrees, use your glutes to raise back to the neutral position, maintaining a straight back. Your glutes do most of the work, and your back stabilizes your body.
  5. Repeat.

It’s important not to “round the spine” when bending forward. Going too far back when coming to the neutral position is also a no-no. We want to keep our back straight. 

If we want to work our thighs more than our glutes, we can adjust the thigh pad lower, further away from our belt buckle and use our hamstrings more to bring us back to a neutral position.

A roman chair is great for addressing back pain, and with regular exercise may eliminate back pain altogether.


Cardio machines that build strength in your legs contribute to an overall healthy back. It accelerates healing through increased blood flow. It can keep connective tissues, ligaments, and tendons more flexible, reducing the likelihood of future injuries. Cardio also keeps the back discs hydrated, decreasing inflammation around the discs. The next three exercise machines are very common in gyms and at the home.


Elliptical machines are great for back or joint pain because they are very low stress. It mimics a natural walking stride without any floor impact. It’s as if you’re walking on air! 

Exercises like running, where you are impacting a hard surface (the floor) with your feet, will send that shock up your legs to your spine. An elliptical provides for a fluid motion that doesn’t jar or jolt. 

While ellipticals can help many with back pain, it may not be for those with lumbar disc problems. Elliptical users will twist more than runners or walkers. Repeated flexion and twisting of the spine encourages degradation and can cause pain. For those with lumbar joint problems, being in a flexion position is preferred. So it depends on what is causing your pain.


We mentioned that cardio was helpful in preventing back pain due to blood circulation and strengthening leg muscles. A treadmill is a great way to incorporate a low impact exercise at home. They are nice as you can control the incline and don’t have to worry about hazards or uneven surfaces. However, there a few things to note about treadmills. 

It doesn’t just turn it on and bang! Your back is better. To get the most out of the treadmill and fix our back pain, posture is important. You want your spine to be in a neutral position, with abs engaged. We want to avoid leaning and keep our heads up and eyes forward. These simple corrections when walking stop what causes the pain.

It’s tempting to push ourselves and use an incline, but doing so can increase the impact level on our back. If you plan on using an incline, the slower you go, the less likely you are to stress your lower back. Find the right balance of speed and incline that works best for you.

There are treadmills available with thick durable cushioned surfaces to lessen the impact on your feet. You’ll also want to invest in a pair of high quality running or walking shoes for the same reason. Getting your heart rate up by running or jogging will increase blood flow, but the faster you move on a treadmill, the more impact you are giving your feet and back. 

Exercise Bike: Upright or Recumbent

Finally, one of the most common machines in the gym, the exercise bike. There are two main types of exercise bike, the upright, and recumbent. The upright exercise bike is great for losing weight or getting fit. You lean slightly forward and must maintain a straight back. For back pain relief we prefer recumbent exercise bikes. These are noticeably different than the upright exercise bikes as they are lower and feature a comfortable backrest. It is less likely to irritate your back.

Exercise bikes are great for various health reasons, back pain relief being one. However, it will do nothing for your core, so its important to incorporate core strength exercises along with it to maintain a healthy back. Exercise bikes offer a low impact exercise, but we feel ellipticals or treadmills may be slightly better and offer more benefits.

We hope this helps clear up any confusion and answered any questions you may have had about some of the exercise machines that can relieve back pain. We’ve included our favorite exercise machines for back pain in the description, click on the links posted below for more details. 

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That’s all for now from Alternative Back Pain Remedies. We’ll see you in the next video!

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This page contains ads and affiliate links. Product quality is determined by my own opinion, user reviews, comparison analysis, and sometimes product demos. This website does not provide medical advice. Talk with your doctor before trying any treatment or method.

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