The Best Standing Desk Accessories | Mats, Stools, Chairs

Getting used to a standing desk may seem odd at first, but once we get the hang of it, we find our productivity is boosted when we combine sitting and standing throughout our workday. There are several accessories available that will help with some issues of fatigue and posture. In this video, we’ll do a brief overview of each to see what is available.

Standing Desk (Anti-Fatigue) Mats

Standing Desk Mats are the most common accessory owned by standing desk users. Mats keep your feet comfortable. Some offer ergonomic designs that allow you to move your feet around while standing. It massages and stretches our feet, keeping them comfortable throughout the day. We prefer one with ergonomic design over a simple soft and flat mat. They aren’t much more, and they encourage better posture by letting us put our feet in different positions.

Balance Board

Balance Boards may seem similar to to the standing desk mats, but their main focus is to address the core muscles. These can take our active movement to the next level. As we balance and maintain good posture, our core muscles are engaged. It will keep us active and focused on our tasks while giving us a mini workout.

Standing Desk Chairs and Stools

We know that the only way to benefit from standing desks is to be periodically switching back and forth from sitting to standing. These chairs and stools make the transition effortless. It doesn’t require us to adjust the desk height. This isn’t a problem for electric desk owners, but removing the need to turn a crank or lift the desktop is a nice luxury. Most offer an angled seat for better circulation and encourages better posture.

Monitor Mounts

The location of our monitors is important for good posture. Our screen should have a slight upward tilt of 20-degrees, and we should be eye-level with the top of the screen. Monitor mounts provide the adjustability and movement to place them exactly where we need them personally. They take up virtually no desktop space, and multiple monitors can be attached. They too are a bit of a luxury, but the majority of owners are very satisfied with them.

If we already own a standing desk, we want to be sure accessories that connect to the desk, like monitor mounts, will fit properly onto the desk. If we don’t own a desk, we may want to consider a desk that will be compatible with any accessories you plan to purchase as well.

Whether it be a floor mat or balance board, we like either. The chairs and stools are great, but since we prefer an electric standing desk, they aren’t as necessary. If we had a pneumatic or especially a crank desk, we would be more likely to have a chair or stool. We really like monitor mounts and the way they look, but again with an adjustable desk, it is more of a want than a need. They aren’t too expensive so we won’t be breaking the bank to ensure the best monitor position.

All these accessories will help us maximize the benefits of using a standing desk. It will make our experience more comfortable, efficient, and productive while avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. The transition from a traditional desk will be smoother with these devices and most importantly, they encourage us to maintain a good posture to reduce and prevent back pain.

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